Astra Cleaners Company is a family business specialising in very Commercial Drycleaning & Domestic Laundry high quality, non-aggressive eco-friendly technology, kind to your clothing as well as the environment.

Thanks to our customers’ continual loyalty and feedback we have managed to maintain our core values in customer services and continue to deliver exceptionally high quality services.

By keeping abreast of textile innovations in high-end designer and couture fashions we have continually invested in technology, staff training and customer focus to ensure that you receive the best possible quality service and support.

We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint in a number of ways and we are proud to be recognized as ‘the greener dry cleaner’ as a result of our non-aggressive biodegradable products that care for your clothing as well as the environment.

Our highly experienced team understand the complexities and challenges of treating fabrics in the correct manner. From your heavily beaded silk wedding dress, ornate curtains and blinds to your delicate suede and leather garments, whatever the fabric or job, we will advise you, clean it, press it, repair it, alter it to your satisfaction and deliver to your home.

We offer a range of services including dry cleaning, wedding dress cleaning, clothing restoration, children’s dry cleaning, curtain cleaning and so much more. Take a look at our full services here.

Astra Cleaners are a professional Eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry service based in Lagos. We offer a complete laundry service which includes a full wet cleaning service, general laundry and separate ironing service.

Wet cleaning is a new generation healthier and greener alternative to dry cleaning using highly sophisticated washers and dryers to safely clean articles of clothing that are normally dry cleaned.

We do all cleaning ourselves at Astra Cleaners and we do not outsource to other companies. The greatest care is taken with every item by cleaning each separate article in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, however, we can also carry out any special requirements made by our clients when cleaning and finishing.

Our prices are extremely competitive.