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Choosing a laundry service in Yaba first requires an appreciation of the region. The importance cannot be overemphasized especially for someone that has just moved into the area. Located in the heart of the mainland, Yaba constantly leaves you puzzled in an attempt to describe it or capture its spirit. It has been the sweet spot between the sophistication and elite differentiation of the island. It represents the hustle and belief that the mainland holds promising its residents that with hard work and time just anything is possible.

It has become famous for its many landmarks and growing tech ecosystem. A cluster of educational institutions holds a promise of the future with the University of Lagos, Igbobi College, Yaba College of Technology and Queens College just some of the famous institutions that dot the area. A growing number of tech start-ups solving problems and redefining life as we know it, also call this place home.

With such variety and difference defining it, one thing that unites its residents and indeed Lagos, in general, is a love for looking good and following trends. From the Island business districts to Ikeja, every workday seems like an answer to the many fashion tips in the lifestyle magazines that crowd the newspaper stands. But after work is done and the Lagos crowd returns home late night after night, who is responsible for keeping this growing pile of clothes clean and ensuring that your wardrobe keeps making you the subject of compliments?

If the answer is you, then you are totally doing it wrong. As the home of innovation, Yaba offers some of the best in service providers and laundry services in Yaba are no exception.

Doing laundry – Tips and Hacks

If you are new to the area or just ready to make the decision to move from doing your laundry personally to using a laundromat or drycleaning service in Yaba, we have you covered. This is a particularly smart move if you don’t have a washer and dryer to aid your efforts at home. Several clothes cleaning services offer great cleaning services and competitive pricing to ensure that your weekends are freed up to spend time with family and friends or explore the nightlife.

Choosing a service founded on very important factors will naturally ensure you are making your life more efficient by freeing up time spent doing chores to pursue all the things you love and need to do. That is a no brainer almost.

From location to cost, service and all the things that you would usually take for granted, we present a rundown of all the things to consider as you find a laundry to call your home for the foreseeable future.

1. Location is key

As you begin your adventure to find the best fit for you, remember that location is everything. Living in Lagos is already stressful as it is, you do not want anything else adding to this mix in your quest to get your washing done.

In your search for a service provider, look out for a one that is easily accessible from where you live or work. The perfect location is somewhere you can get to in a couple of minutes without being worried about having to struggle for parking space or getting missing in an endless maze of short cuts because you are trying to make your trip faster.

So, if you can’t seem to find the one that promised it was on your direct route when you typed ‘ laundry service in Yaba’ or ‘ laundromat nearby’, it might be time to cut your losses and start looking out for other options. The goal of using a washing service is to save time and that gets defeated when you spend an awful lot of time trying to make trips to and fro your service firm of choice.

2. Payment

Lagos is constantly on the move with no time for drawn-out negotiations and haggling. Whatever cannot be automated is done as quickly as possible because, in the nation’s commercial capital, everybody understands the simple truth that time is money.

As you make your decision, you should look out for a ensure you enquire about the options available, or that have been used effectively in their service. Ask them for their service plans and payment channels. You don’t want to have to be stuck on a rowdy queue and wait endlessly every time you need to pick up or drop off your clothing.

3. Pricing 

When it comes to pricing, the quality of service you are getting should always be your primary consideration. There is no point in getting a discount or cutting a deal if the quality of service is not guaranteed.  Initial discounts that attempt to recruit you on the cheap may end up having no long-term value and cause you more problems rather than saving you any money.

When it comes to pricing, find a cleaning firm around your preferred locale that matches competitive pricing built around your budget range, and complimented with prompt and quality service.

4. People

Customer service is often an underrated consideration in making a decision about where to do your laundry in Nigeria in general. As you check out potential options, keep an eye out for how the business is run and how the staff interact with customers. Do they go out of their way to answer questions and offer assistance? Are they courteous and patient? These questions become significant in the event that a misunderstanding or incident occurs. The difference between a slight misunderstanding and full-blown conflict is often, calm and dedicated staff who understand the customers’ needs. Overall, friendly and responsive staff will make your life so much easier.

5. Competence

This is often taken for granted but it is very important if you don’t want to get disappointed at the quality of work the company delivers. Before you make a decision, you must be sure that service is known for reliable performance, and can cater to the full range of your wardrobe. From suits to gown, native wears, casuals, you should be confident that you can leave a certain kind of outfit there and get the best results without any damage.

Also check other factors like, their handling of clothing for male versus female customers, or their balance with western style clothing as against native materials or wears. In some other cases, fabric types are just as dynamic and some services may come out tops with some types, and not perform so well in other types.

 6. Time

When it comes to time, you want to know that the drycleaning service that you finally decide on can fit right into your schedule. Does the washing operation have the capacity to run for 24 hours? Is there an extended closing time on some days? Will you be able to head there before or after work with no worries about delays? Are there peak periods to avoid and slow periods to take advantage of? Considering the possibility of constantly dealing with traffic and long working hours, it is very important that you not only ask these questions but also get answers that work for your schedule.

Find a service that works around your schedule and needs. It might be a weekly pick up and drop off for an extra fee or self-service at your laundromat. Whatever it is, remember that laundry service is supposed to make your life less stressful, so if your prospective service cannot clearly spell out the quality and consistency of service you would be getting, then you should be wary of committing

7. Reviews

Visiting outlets and experiencing what their service is like or meeting staff and asking questions can prove to be incredibly taxing and time-consuming. A trusted alternative is to ask other people for reviews. Ask them about their experience with the service while discussing your concerns and needs. Even if you are unable to make a decision, these conversations will help you to narrow your choices towards making a final decision. Getting reviews from colleagues and friends helps you determine the best fit for your needs, budget, and schedule. So, start talking today and find out what the people closest to you have to say about the quality of the laundry services in Yaba.

The Choice to be Different- Astra Cleaners

Astra Cleaners combines all the things that make a laundry company in Lagos great to deliver the best service to you. Friendly and responsive staff, great packages, a super conducive environment, and experience in delivering perfection.

When it comes to choosing your drycleaning services in Yaba, we consider ourselves the pride of the place and are constantly open to helping more people discover the freedom and peace of mind that comes with working with professionals. Explore our service options right here or give us a call.

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