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Benefits to You   

  • You Pay Nothing – Offer a professional, convenient dry cleaning and laundry service to you guests or employees, that cost you nothing.
  • Add Value – Offering guest or employees dry cleaning and laundry as part your services or employee perks will ensure complete customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Support – Our aim is to provide support to hotel staff and employers by providing a first class dry cleaning, laundry and delivery service ensuring garments are finished to the highest quality.
  • Convenient service – A fast and convenient service for your guests or employee’s ensuring your staff look smart and presentable with clean and smartly finished uniform and your guest get that extra added touch to there stay.

Why use us ? 

  • Eco Friendly – Our cleaning process is not only environmentally friendly, it is much better for people’s health and skin as our safer processes completely removes the chemical ‘Perc’ used in traditional dry cleaners which is carcinogenic. 
  • Efficient – We understand that hotel guest may only be on a short visit or your employees may have urgent meeting and therefore we can provide an overnight and express service as and when required.
  • Professional – Our customer service team will deal with your orders quickly and efficiently and a member of our delivery team will pick up your orders at your hotel or office building in full uniform and carrying ID at all times.

How It Works


Contact our customer service team on 090 6000 7431 or email info@astracleaners.com to arrange a pick up from your building.

Preset pick up and delivery times can also be arranged.


Once back at our premises we expertly clean all garments according to the guidelines set in the manufacturers care label.

Pick Up

A member of our delivery team will collect all orders from any part of the building you request, and will be in full uniform carrying photo identification.


Our delivery team will then return all garments freshly cleaned and individually wrapped.

Preset delivery times can also be arranged.

Additional Benefits

  • Generous staff discounts
  • Daily morning collection and evening delivery can be requested
  • Customer service support
  • Fully Insured
  • Garment suit covers available to purchase
  • Guest dry cleaning and laundry order forms available.

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